funding criteria and guidelines

Please read the following information carefully before starting your application to ensure your project meets the funding guidelines. You will be asked to declare that you have read and agree to these conditions upon submission of your application.

Potential partners

Loy Yang B is looking to support organisations on projects and activities in the following areas:

Health, wellbeing and recreational pursuits - Activities which promote and encourage members of the community to be involved in health and wellbeing activities with the intent to promote an active and healthy lifestyle through fitness, participation, healthy eating, social inclusion and mental health. Activities or programs which discourage the use of drugs and alcohol and activities that have a negative impact on the lives of people living in Latrobe Valley/Gippsland region.

Welfare, disability and social disadvantage - Applications must demonstrate a material need of a group of people within the community who are directly disadvantaged through social, economic, physical or intellectual circumstances.

Children and young people - Activities/events which provide opportunities for children and young people to learn, and develop an increased understanding of the world around them with particular focus on the role that science, technology, engineering and mathematics plays in the community and future career opportunities.

Environment - Activities/events which promote an understanding of the importance of a healthy environment and its protection for future enjoyment and sustainability.

Arts and culture - Activities/events which provide opportunities for the community to interact and learn within an atmosphere of social, intellectual and cultural growth.

Applicants must demonstrate the capability to financially contribute to the project/activity and have the project completed within a 12 month timeframe

  • Will positively impact and encourage the local community to participate in local activities and initiatives;
  • Benefit members of the local community in addition to members of the sponsored group;
  • Show measurable benefits and returns for the local community that extend beyond the period of sponsorship funding and will build long term relationships.
  • Establishment of a private business or commercial enterprise;
  • Research activities or feasibility studies;
  • Activities or events which are not based in the Latrobe Valley/Gippsland region or directly benefit the Latrobe Valley region;
  • Production of communication material that will be distributed for profit;
  • Attendance by individuals or groups at events, conferences or other gatherings either in Australia or overseas;
  • The sponsorship of individuals;
  • Extremist groups or those with any kind of political agenda;
  • Advertising in journals/manuals will be restricted to those organisations that are predominantly voluntary, not professional associations;
  • Any request that prejudices Loy Yang B’s image as a quality, professional and community minded organisation;
  • Circumstances where other supporters have interests which clash with those of Loy Yang B.


The confidentiality of information provided to Loy Yang B and staff involved in the Community Partnership Program is protected by the relevant provisions of the Privacy Act 1988. The information provided in the application will be used for the purpose of assessing the applicants’ suitability for sponsorship funding. The identity of recipients and the amount of funding paid may be disclosed by Loy Yang B with the agreement of the funded body or where it is required or permitted by law to do so.

Sponsored bodies will be requested to complete an authority for the use of photographic images by Loy Yang B for promotional or publicity purposes.


Applicants are to be made aware that Loy Yang B may choose to publicise the support of partners and sponsored activities. In addition, communication material which is produced by the sponsored organisation, and which includes recognition of the Company’s support will require approval by Loy Yang B before distribution.


See our frequently asked questions page for further information which may assist in your application.


Applications are now closed.

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